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How to Choose From a Long List of Home Staging Companies

Selling a house due to moving or personal reasons is not always an easy task. That is why home sellers seek home staging services for the sale of their houses since it is one of the best marketing strategies for a faster and profitable deal. Currently, there are many home staging companies all promising class services, and this makes it a challenge to select the best company. Here are five things you need to do before coming up with a decision:

  • Ask Questions

When clients decide to look for a home staging company, they come with a list of prepared questions that need answers. Failure to answer professionally and directly is always a red flag for the client. The following are a few questions clients likely ask:

  1. Do you have your own inventory?

  2. Can I see your real estate and house listings?

  3. Where is my old furniture kept?

  4. How much do you charge for furniture rental?

  • Ask for referrals

A good home staging company will have a successful history and plenty of experience. It should be able to provide clients with referrals who are just an email or phone call away. The referrals give clients information on whether the staging company can professionally deliver results.

  • Consider Their Style

Home staging companies showcase their style of colors, furnishing, and other staging activities through a portfolio. It shows previously staged homes and whether the company:

  1. Looks professional

  2. Are well executed

  3. Matches the home styles with the staging

A look at the portfolio gives clients an idea of what to expect from a specific home staging company.

  • Enquire About Previous Results

Nothing instills confidence in a client about a home staging company than some previous success stories. A good company should be able to stage a house to look beautiful and attractive. Much more importantly, the house should be staged for a specific buyer for faster results. The provision of real-life examples on strategies previously used to achieve a quicker sale is a sign of a good home staging company.

  • How Much do You Like the Company

As weird as this seems, working with people you do not like can lead to a bad experience and cause stress, which is unhealthy. It is even worse if this person will take a look at your personal life, home, and belongings.

Our company has a history that goes back to almost five years. During this period, we have continued to grow our business. Our real estate and house listings keep on increasing due to the satisfying services we provide our clients with. Donna Andruk Team - Keller Williams Realty is among the top in the long list of home staging companies.

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